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Beat the street so hard they send you a bill for The Potholes.

Posted by Frank Sell on

Look, it's not just some cute or cliche I came up with.


I lived it.


Here's the deal, 15 years ago I quit my last job. I started a so-called career as a welder. I didn't choose the profession because I thought welders got all the hot chicks, I chose it because I knew I could always be employed. So I started on this path right out of high school. The last job I had I was 18 when I started there. It wasn't long after though the company was sold. 


   What happens when a company gets sold? Well, we all know the axe comes out. One of the things to get axed was the current retirement program. When I started with the company we made an agreement. I would show and do enough to not get fired and in 30 years they would give me a big ole pension. Well that agreement went out the window because the new company changed the retirement plan.


  So what's a guy to do, take what's handed him or take action?

Well, I bought a $100 VHS tape on how to fix hail damage on cars. I spent the next few moths tinkering and practicing until I thought I could sell my skills. So in March of 2003 I left my job of nine years and


Beat The Street So Hard They're Gonna Send Me A Bill For The Potholes someday.


What that means is I literally opened the Yellow pages, cold called to find the decision maker and when they were available. Then went and saw them. 


Long story short, Get Shit Done!

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