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"Bought BBC's for the first time in May... and I have had zero skin irritation, zero dryness, and my Beard has been very soft!! I love this stuff"
Shane~Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"I don't usually do this but I'm very impressed by this product. My wife and I decided to head out to shop for some beard oil yesterday with no luck. Everyone either had some crazy price or crazy ingredient. That's when I was referred to Baby Beard Club. Some of us bearded folk like a nice, closely trimmed beard. I, on the other hand, enjoy a long beard in every aspect. I've been having that hardest time controlling the fly aways. I usually put little faith in beard care products, being burned in the past, but decided to give this a try and WOW is all I can say. It's amazing, the coverage is excellent, and the scent stays with you all day but it isn't overpowering. It is easily applied leaves very little residue on your hands.
The results speak for themselves. If you're in the need for some beard oil or other beard care products you have to check out Baby Beard Club."
Patrick~Fargo, North Dakota

"I never knew that I would appreciate a beard product as much as I do. Baby Beard has a product that really sells it self so that fact that they go above and beyond with customer service is a huge plus. Great brand, great product, great company."
Patrick~Salem, Oregon

"Amazing products. Keeps the beard healthy and smelling nice. Very High quality products."
Carlos~Miami, Florida

"I bought this for my husband for our anniversary. He loves it. He says the scent is perfect because it's very subtle and keeps his beard very soft."
Susan~Lake Havasu City, Arizona

"As a Texas boy I have tried a few brands .. I'll say the company was very knowledgeable and polite what has me hooked is that the oil doesn't have a greasy feeling too it! 100% satisfied so far. I will be buying a complete kit soon! Thanks!"
Jason~Dallas, Texas

"Dude, I can't get enough of this beard oil!  
Kent~St Louis, Missouri

"I'm a man with a big and beautiful beard but that my friends did not come naturally. My beard was rough and very dry from that wonderful Utah dry heat. So I gave some of Baby Beard Oil's a try, my beard drank it up. My beard was craving nourishment from the harsh sun and it got it from BBC's. So you get my five stars. BBC's it's what beards crave"
John~Salt lake City, Utah.

"We love the smell on my husband's beard and in my hair!!"
Carly~Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I couldn't be happier with the scent and overall quality. Will absolutely be a return customer when I need more product. :) Keep up the good work, guys!"
Chase~Springfield, Ohio.

"I got home to the package earlier!  Wow!  The oil smells incredible!  I was nervous because I don't usually like scents but this is awesome! Can't wait to wear it for a full day, applied it earlier and it is incredible.  Absorbed into my beard nicely and the scent, shine, and softness is awesome!"
Kyle~Carmel, Indiana

"Great product! All natural! What more can you ask for! Smells great! Wife approved!!!"
Tim~Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"Great service as usual, thank you again for a great product!"
Michael~Petersburg, Virginia

"Jake apparently liked the oil so much, he put some on right away. Smelled great!"
David~Jackson, Tennessee

"When I gave the beard oil to my boyfriend he immediately wanted to use it. He loves the smell and he loves the fact that I love it."
Jessica~ Pine Bluff, Arkansas

"Just wanted to let you know how professional you have been and how legit these look.  Thanks so much!"
Will~La Junta, Colorado

"My wife bought the beard oils for me a few days ago.  It is hands down the best beard oil I've tried.  Applying it the first time, all I could say was "wow, I'm impressed" so thank you Baby Beard Club, it's a great product and I will be trying out your other scents."
Ralph~Lander, Wyoming

"Baby Beard Club Oil makes my boyfriends beard smell and feel amazing. All of the scents are yummy and smell very sexy GREAT STUFF!!!!"
Jamie~Kennewick, Washington

"This beard oil has such a gentle spicyness and like the other products from BBC, they are just perfect and I am once again blown away by the quality and how it leaves my beard feeling so damn good."
Zeke~Essex, United Kingdom

"I've been using your product this week and I love it! And so does my girlfriend."
Will~Orlando, Florida.

"Originally I got a sample of the beard oil online, so I gave it to my boyfriend. He loved it! Then I ordered a bottle and (of course) the post office messed up so my order didn't come in the mail, even though they said it had been delivered. When I contacted BBC about the missing beard oil they shipped a new oil to me the next day! Talk about great customer service! They deserve 5 stars for outstanding products AND customer service!! Thanks so much!!"
Hannah~Mankato, Minnesota

"Just gave it a try today and LOVE the smell of this! It absorbed quickly into my beard and did not leave my hands greasy or anything (maybe smelling a bit more awesome, and I am ok with that!) will be using it through the week and seeing how it holds up, but A+ for sure!"
Drew~Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"Hands-down, some of the best beard oil I've ever used. I will be buying more."
Ivan~New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

"The customer service was top notch.  It’s definitely been a big hit as my fiancé loves how it softens and controls his normally very coarse and unwieldy facial hair. I have no doubt we’ll to continue see the benefits as time moves along. Highly recommended." 
Morgan~Tucson, Arizona

"The customer service was second to none. They are great people who sell great products. Will be a customer for a long time. Great product, highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality beard oil." 
Trey~Omaha, Nebraska

"Got ordered a sample on tuesday and got it today saturday tried them all and they smell great. My wife loves it too so thats a plus in my books. I will be buying from BBC forever, this stuff is awesome." 
Jeff~Palo Alto, California

"Never used beard products before my wife got me some BBC.  Having said that, the package I received was amazing! Great variety of scents, relaxation or the happiness being my favorites! Thanks again for such a great product!" 
Jared~Fort Smith, Arkansas

"I just started using it last month and I love it." 
Ben~Valdosta, Georgia

"Baby Beard Club saved my hubby's beard -- I was considering shaving it off while he slept! The stink was killing our love life! I love the way it smells now, clean with just a touch of fragrance. Plus, his beard is soft and shiny and I can't stop touching it. We're customers for life!"
Sara~Bozeman, Montana

"For just over a month, I've been putting Baby Beard Oil on my beard everyday and couldn't be happier! No itching, no flaking, and it seems like the growth is happening faster!  Thank you Baby Beard Club for creating a superb product!!" 
Alex~Palm Beach, Florida

"What caught me at first was the idea of it being 100% natural. I'd soon find out this was only the beginning, hand made in the USA , various scents depending on what mood I was in gave me options. With so many products out today it's important for me to find the one I can't live with out.  Besides that my girl wants to kiss me a lot more these days. She says she can't stay away from the aroma on my face!" 
Preston~Austin, Texas

"I started using the beard oil about a week ago and am super impressed.  BBC has their shit together for sure.  Their products are top notch!!!!!!!" 
Greg~Las Cruces, New Mexico


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