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Hashimotos, Baby Beard and a $100 VHS Tape

 Buckle up, here's the story how an auto-immunity disease, a baby beard and a $100 VHS tape turned into a new type of beard oil company. You see, my wife has struggled with Hashimoto disease for years. It had gone undiagnosed for a long long time. Basically what happens from the foods we eat nowadays and stress, our bodies attack themselves. It's from a problem called leaky gut syndrome. Sounds appetizing doesn't it? What happens from our ever busy lives and processed foods we eat, the lining of our stomach develops tiny tears in it. That causes stomach acid to leak into our bodies and confuses our body to the point it attacks itself.

All this has led our family at the direction of my wife, to lead a healthier lifestyle. When I decided to grow my Facial Forest my wife told me to hold up on buying product to help my beard grow. I had never grown a beard up until then because I had a couple spots that I didn't think would grow in. From all the experience of practicing a more holistic lifestyle, she had been making here own serum for her eyelashes. She simply changed the formula a little bit to be more of a "Manly" scent. Well, the first night I used this serum I noticed I slept really good.

This is where the $100 VHS tape comes in.

You see, we've been small business owners since 2003. At one time I was a production welder from the age of 18-27. I had full intentions of putting my 30 years in and retiring from my job. Well, the company got sold and the new owners changed the retirement amongst other things. I decided I wasn't going to work there for another 20 years and have them change the deal on me again. I knew of this industry called PDR, Paintless Dent Repair. I knew it was basically working with your hands and my hands were pretty smart. I bought a $100 VHS tape on how to do PDR and taught myself the trade after hours from my job. In 2003 I walked out the door and "Beat the street so hard, they'll send me a bill for the potholes". That business has done very well for our family. From that experience of business ownership and entrepreneurship, I knew when I first used the oil my wife made we had an idea worth pursuing.

I had been working on getting into online marketing and sales for a while. I had watched some of the beard oil companies out there. Every beard oil on the market it seemed has the same marketing and purpose. Be a manly man by growing some facial hair. None of the beard oils on the market utilize the "Therapeutic Effect" of the essential oils that created the scent. From our experience with Hashimoto we had learned of the therapeutic effect these essential oils have from centuries of use. From the start Baby Beard Club beard oil was formulated to leverage the therapeutic effect. We found we can blend the essential oils for various effects while maintaining an amazeballs scent.


Facial Forest Conservation, it's up to you!


Frank Sell-Founder