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Lights Out™ -Beard Oil

Lights Out™ -Beard Oil




What can your beard do for you?
Did you ever think your beard could help you sleep better?
Well, that's exactly what we formulated Lights Out for, a better nights sleep.
Not only are the base oils designed to promote a full, thick healthy beard and stop beard itch the relaxing essential oils are formulated to help you unwind and relax into a great nights sleep.
Simply apply Lights Out before you hit the hay at night and enjoy sleeping like a Baby.
Our Essential Beard Oil™ is a carefully formulated blend of the finest all natural Organic carrier oils, and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Created to condition your facial hair, nourish the dry itchy skin beneath your beard, and leave it smelling absolutely amazing. With our unique blend of lightweight oils your beard will not feel greasy or heavy. Each formulation is handcrafted in small batches to ensure you are receiving the highest quality beard care products.