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Miracle Bro™ - Beard oil

Miracle Bro™ - Beard oil




The Original/Miracle Bro

Like a lot of guys I thought I couldn't grow a full healthy beard.

It wasn't until I used my wife's  homemade all natural Miracle eyelash sauce of all things that my Facial Forest started to fill out. You see, she had been making her own homemade organic eyelash serum to grow fuller longer lashes and healthier hair. Well, when I decided to grow a beard she changed the formula slightly to create our Miracle beard sauce, Miracle Bro. From the castor oil to the rosemary essential oil this blend is solely formulated for hair growth of all types. The proof is in the pudding, it works. It works really really well and smells great as well.

  Each formulation is handcrafted in small batches with 100% Organic carrier oils to ensure you are receiving the highest quality beard care products. 

P.S. Actual before and after of one year growth below.