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Essential Beard Oil Sample Kit - Organic

Essential Beard Oil Sample Kit - Organic

Essential Beard Oil Sample Kit - Organic



 What does beard growth, itchy beard and better sleep have in common? Everything if you're using Essential Beard Oil™ from Baby Beard Club.

If you've been waiting to try essential beard oil now your chance to try our most popular blends in one kit. Each of these oils has been formulated to assist you in key areas of life.

We all know about the key beard issues such as itchy beard, patchy beard or flakey beard. But how many people do you know that don't get enough sleep? Or maybe they have a hard time winding down after work?

Well, Lights Out is formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic base oils. They relaxing blend of these oils are designed to help you relax for a great nights sleep. And when you wake up your beard will not only be softer but the base oils are formulated to promote growth.

The Original is where it all began. It was the original blend my wife made to help with a couple patchy spots. I was contemplating buying something to help a couple spots grow in. That's when my wife stopped me dead in my tracks. She said you're not gonna buy some store bought crap, I'll make you some. Low and behold, results don't lie and that is why this is called The Original.

Get Shit Done is formulated exactly as it's named. The essential oils are formulated to elevate awareness and focus to help you Get Shit Done! The scent from this one is a favorite. It starts out with a refreshing peppermint scent and as it soaks in the orange and cedar wood start to come to the front of the stage. All while producing a glorious Facial Forest any kitty would love to snuggle with.  

Who couldn't stand a little more happiness in their life? This is a great mood lifting blend that will uplift and enhance your mood.The scent from this blend is a sweet aroma that reminds us of our favorite candy as a kid, Smarties. If you're ready to turn that frown upside down, Happy Happy is for you.


All these blends use therapeutic grade essential oils and organic base oils for the finest oils for your Facial Forest.