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Family Guy or Family Man?

Posted by Frank Sell on

 Hey gang, the Family Guy Yourself thing is all over the place right now. It's great and all to have some fun, we definitely like our fun. Baby Beard Club was and is a small family business started by my wife and I. One of the best things about business is it can serve your purpose and feed your family. If you'll scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see, Brought To You By Armored Up Man. That's a community I started to serve men.

I have never served in the Military and have the utmost respect for those that have served. I have been to war though. Most of the time with myself and limiting beliefs and life situations. There is also a war for our hearts, minds and beliefs. In the media and in the world today there's an attack on the family and what it actually means to be a man. A great beard is not one of those qualifications, serving your family and community on the other hand is. That being said, we love a great full Facial Forest!  I have a choice in life of "This can equip me or whip, my choice". The Armored Up Man FB group is my way of giving back by taking the hardships of relationships, business, marriage and parenthood and sharing the success stories of what has worked for us.

Here's a short video I did the other day. Are you a Family Guy or Family Man?

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